Xiao Ke & I Hope

A pioneer in performance art, Xiao Ke brings her unique perspective on the reality of ordinary people in China today with an imaginative blend of dance, physical art and contemporary social theatre. Xiao Ke brings two keenly anticipated programmes to the 50th HKAF with two keenly anticipated programmes – Xiao Ke and I Hope.
“Xiao Ke has performed abroad for many years. Reflected on stage is a hybrid of cultural clash, and the accumulation, gestation and evolution of diverse dance ideas.” Beijing Daily


Two emotional journeys with award-winning performance artist Xiao Ke
Poignant. Surprising. Socially conscious and personal

Xiao Ke is a pioneer in performance art, bringing her unique perspective on reality of ordinary people in China today with an imaginative blend of dance, physical art and contemporary social theatre. Her two upcoming performances offer a captivating glimpse of her artistic world.

Xiao Ke: A one-woman monologue co-produced with French dancer/choreographer Jérôme Bel, Xiao Ke reflects on the evolution of dance and culture in China over the past four decades in the context of Xiao Ke’s personal history. The cross-cultural dialogue between herself and Bel is integral to the show and was devised via a hybrid on- and off-line creative process during the pandemic. Commissioned by the Centre Pompidou (Paris) and West Bund Museum (Shanghai), Xiao Ke’s 2020 premiere was met with critical acclaim.

I Hope: A lively yet poignant performance combining theatre, sound and music design as well as physical movement, all woven into a visually striking installation inspired by artist Chiharu Shiota. Four women from four generations aged 15 to 75 (played by three non-professional performers and Xiao Ke herself) and a male observer take the audience on a journey of hope. Based on personal stories, it explores the role of motherhood in society.

Trained in classical Chinese dance as well as being a trained journalist, Xiao Ke has been defying artistic boundaries for two decades. Her work is typified by an empathetic humanistic concern for society, often observed through a journalistic lens. Her works have toured extensively in Europe and Japan, to great critical acclaim.

Xiao Ke–I Hope
Created by Xiao Ke
Performed by Xiao Ke, Wang Shuhuan and two local performers (selected from the general public by open call)
Performed by / Live Music: Zihan

Co-commissioned by Hong Kong Arts Festival and chi K11 art museum (Shanghai)

Jérôme Bel & Xiao Ke
Xiao Ke

Concept: Jérôme Bel
Created by Xiao Ke and Jérôme Bel Performed by Xiao Ke
Technical Direction: Zihan
Artistic Advice and Executive Direction: Rebecca Lasselin

Co-produced by Les Spectacles vivants du Centre Pompidou (Paris), Centre Pompidou and West Bund Museum (Shanghai)

Festival PLUS

Artist Sharing
Colossus X Xiao Ke
5 Mar (Sat)


Xiao Ke: Approx. 1 hr with no interval
I Hope: Approx. 1 hr with no interval
Both productions performed in Putonghua