Yue Pipa Ensemble

Different Strokes: A Fresh Take on Pipa



Experience the stunning pipa across time and space

Experience first-hand the expressive beauty of the pipa, a plucked string instrument of huge versatility, in the hands of an innovative ensemble dedicated to preserving the instrument’s tradition and to using it to explore new musical territory.

The young performers of the Yue Pipa Ensemble, founded by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra pipa principal Zhang Ying, have a repertoire which encompasses popular tunes such as Moonlight on the Spring River, themes from Peking opera, folk music reflective of different Chinese regions and even rock music.

This youthful innovative ensemble will take the audience on a musical journey from the Central Plains out into a wider musical world where the pipa is now making its mark. Not to be missed!

Along the Silk Road
Law Wing-fai
Pipa duo Heavenly Dance
Yang Jing
Pipa & frame drum Dance Along the Old Silkroad
The scenery of Jiang-nan
Gu Guanren arr.
Pipa quartet Moonlight on the Spring River
Wang Dan-hong
Pipa quartet A Dream in Jiang-nan
Peking opera and its percussion
Zhu Lin
Pipa quartet Cang Cai
Modern pieces
Liu Chang
Pipa & Guitar Duet Seven Moments of Caprice for Guitar and Pipa (excerpts)
Li Bo-chan
Pipa Duo & Daruan Pin
Luk Wai-chun
Pipa quartet and drum set Rock Pipa – FIGHT!


Sylvia Tam


Nickolas Chan Hiu-fung


Jeffrey Sit


Lau Mo-wah

Chan Wan-in

Sun Cho-ham

Chan Nok-cheong


Approx. 1 hr 10 mins with no interval