The Hong Kong Arts Festival sincerely regrets the inconvenience to our audiences caused by this cancellation. Refund information can be found at For general enquiries, please call (852) 2824 2430 (Monday to Friday, 9:30am–1:00pm and 2:00pm–5:30pm).

12 Dec 2014

The 43rd HKAF receives enthusiastic responses from audience, selling 60% of 110,000 available tickets with over 10,000 booking forms received by the close of advance bookings. Counter bookings begin at 10:00am on 13 December. Be sure to grab your tickets fast!

19 Nov 2014

Top 12 most popular programmes during Advance Bookings reveiled!

15 Oct 2014

[Programme Cancellation] The programme Les Fausses Confidences originally scheduled from the 20th to 22nd March 2015 has been cancelled due to the withdrawal of Isabelle Huppert from the production’s Asian tour.

13 Oct 2014

The 43rd HKAF full line-up revealed! Featuring 49 international and local ensembles or solo artists, there are 137 performances running mainly from 27 February to 29 March 2015.

Advance bookings start from 12:00am on 15 October to 11:59pm on 2 December 2014. Grab the chance to enjoy up to 15% discount!

24 Jul 2014

With all my HKAF colleagues, I have great pleasure presenting selected highlights of the coming Festival.

This year, women take pride of place. They are in the narratives and characters on stage, from Miss Elizabeth Bennet to The Amahs; in all women ensembles from the Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Yueju Opera Troupe to the Barefoot Divas of the Pacific Islands; and in the constellation of stellar performers to grace this Festival. Not that we are shutting out the other half of humanity! We are proud to present three of the world’s most remarkable Maestros, leading the Bolshoi, the Dresden Staatskapelle and the LA Philharmonic, as well as fabulous Classical and Jazz musicians of both genders. In addition, there is a raft of programmes for young audiences to enjoy with the whole family: gorgeous, exciting, and funky work which we hope you will find entertaining as well as thought provoking.

Do spend a little time perusing the website. Full programme details and advance bookings will be offered in October 2014. Be sure to book early for the best available seats. I look forward to seeing you at the Festival.

Tisa Ho
Executive Director
Hong Kong Arts Festival
July 2014

4 Jul 2014

24 highlights from the 43rd HKAF prog2ramme pre-announced along with new theme and upgraded website. Stay tuned for the full programme lineup announcement in October!