by Ray Lee
Special | UK
by Ray Lee
Special | UK

Chorus by Ray Lee


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A monumental installation of kinetic sound sculptures

A hypnotic siren call


Chorus, a hypnotic installation by UK sound artist Ray Lee, will illuminate the evening dusk in Kowloon Park during the Hong Kong Arts Festival.

Towering above, a series of giant metal tripods support rotating arms. At the end of each arm loudspeakers emit precisely tuned musical pitches creating a pulsating, harmonic drone, singing out a hypnotic siren call to all those present.

Red lights on the arms appear like a whirling swarm of fireflies, or of planets in motion, emitting mesmerising orbits of colour. These intersecting lights trace rings in the sky, while the combined chorus of the spinning speakers creates a cohesive harmonious whole, “a sticky flux” that is both uplifting and transfixing.

Piazza, Kowloon Park
2-3, 7-10 Mar
6:45pm, 7:30pm, 8:15pm, 9pm, 9:30pm
4-5 Mar
3:00pm, 3:45pm. 4:30pm, 6:45pm. 7:30pm, 8:15pm, 9:00pm, 9:30pm, 10pm

Free admission. No registration required.


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