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The Jockey Club Local Creative Talents Series’ Journey to the West Rewind / Women Like Us provides two bold subversions of the “happily-ever-after”. These separate adaptations inspired by the Ming dynasty classic and two of Hong Kong author Xi Xi's short stories are presented in Chinese and Western operatic formats, respectively. Innovatively filmed versions of the two contemporary operas bring two inspired adaptations to life on the screen without losing any of the immediacy of the original productions.

Jockey Club Local Creative Talents Series
Journey to the West Rewind/Women Like Us


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Online Music Theatre Journey to the West Rewind

Journey to the West Rewind online music theatre is an audacious reinvestigation of the Cantonese opera art form and the eponymous literary classic. Having traversed thousands of miles of dangerous terrain, Tang Sanzang and his disciples at last complete their perilous pilgrimage to obtain the sacred Buddhist texts. But at journey’s end, they find the Book of Heaven is blank. By taking us back to the saga’s climactic moment of enlightenment, Journey to the West Rewind asks us how we can carry on when things don’t turn out as we expected and we find ourselves right back at the start. 

Online Chamber Opera Women Like Us

The Cantonese-language online chamber opera Women Like Us is a singing tribute to the literary grand dame Xi Xi and the two protagonists of her beloved short stories A Girl Like Me and The Cold. One is a mortuary cosmetologist living in the bleak world of the dead; the other, a social worker trapped in a lifeless marriage to appease her family. Soprano Kenix Tsang and mezzo-soprano Samantha Chong take the libretto to soaring heights, spinning a tale of two women finding the courage to not only face the cold shadows of loneliness, but walk towards the radiance of solitude, embracing the unknown.

Performed in Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles
This production was originally scheduled to premiere at the 48th HKAF in 2020
Special thanks to Shaw Studios for supporting the filming and sound recording for Women Like Us and Journey to the West Rewind
Cast and Production

Journey to the West Rewind

Script / Music
Kong Chun-kit

Director, Spatial & Styling Concept
Ata Wong

Video Director
Sham Kwan-yin
Ata Wong

Assistant Video Director
Leung Kwok Shing

Cast / Ensemble
Kong Chun-kit
Chan Chi-kong
Kenji Lo
Lee Kwok-cheung
Ng Kwok-wa
Chen Zhiwei
Chen Yun

Lighting Design
Billy Chan

Women Like Us

Original Stories
Xi Xi

Daniel Lo

Wong Yi

Olivia Yan

Video Director

Assistant Video Director
Zeva Wong

Perry So

Kenix Tsang
Samantha Chong
Law Tsz-ying
Dominique Chan
Frankie Liu
Caleb Woo
Lam Kwok-ho

Special Appearance
Angus Chan

Nina Yip

Hong Kong New Music Ensemble

Lighting Designer
Billy Chan

Set Designer
Moon Yip

Costume Designer
Kay Wong

Sound Recording
Ha Yan-pui

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