Reed minds—Reimagination of sheng



Beyond traditional Chinese music to a unique ethnic fusion

Hong Kong-born sheng virtuoso Kevin Cheng is a member of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra and a dedicated explorer of new territory for his instrument in what he calls “ethnic fusion music”—his performances interweave the sheng’s Chinese tradition with the music of Southeast Asia, Latin America and beyond.

The traditional Chinese sheng is one of the earliest of surviving free-reed instruments and has a 3,000-year history, but today it also has a growing role in many different areas of music. This varied programme features traditionally inspired Chinese music, commissioned works by Asian composers, and pieces by Western composers—Astor Piazzolla and Claude Bolling. Cheng will demonstrate that the sheng can be equally expressive playing the folk and classical music, and also other genres such as jazz and bossa nova.

Cheng is prominent among the musicians now extending the horizons of the sheng in an ever-growing range of musical styles. For this concert, he has chosen to work with an ensemble of Western instruments, comprising harp, cello, double bass, keyboard and percussion.

Mar 16 (Wed)
Lü Wencheng (arr. Phang Kokjun)
Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake*
Chow Junyi
Reflections of the Moon
Pong Law
Commissioned work
Law Wai-lun, Tan Kahyong (arr. Kevin Cheng Ho-kwan)
Grasslands Fantasia
Phang Kokjun
5D! #
Gesang Martohartono (arr. Chow Junyi)
Bengawan Solo

Dick Lee (arr. Kevin Cheng Ho-kwan)
Bunga Sayang
Piazzolla (adapted by Kevin Cheng Ho-kwan)
Café 1930
Bolling (adapted by Kevin Cheng Ho-kwan)
Hispanic Dance

* Programme names may be altered


Kevin Cheng Ho-kwan


Judy Ho Ching-man


Chor Kai-hei


Kelvin Ng Chin-to


Ricky Wong


Anna Fan


Approx. 1 hr 10 mins with no interval