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Scott Silven
The Journey


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**Live, interactive virtual performances**
Magician, illusionist, theatre-maker and “mentalist” Scott Silven welcomes his audience into his home in Scotland

An extraordinary landscape, a powerful connection, a unique moment in time

“The world-renowned mentalist” — Vogue
“Under the guise of reading your thoughts, Silven does something more astonishing: he refreshes your outlook” — LA Times
“Silven’s use of storytelling and setting creates something genuinely magical” — The Guardian
“Is it astounding? Absolutely” — The New York Times

Extraordinary illusionist, mentalist and performance artist Scott Silven invites you on a mesmerising journey from your home to his in rural Scotland. Following a sold-out world tour of his smash hit At the Illusionist’s Table, Silven brings an all-new, immersive and intimate experience, live and online, to astonish and captivate.

Limited to 30 participants per show, Silven reaches across continents to read your mind and explore what is important to you, your sense of home and the transformative power of place. Join the very select company for a virtual event like no other, and discover the path that connects you to Silven’s past, your own present and a shared future.
Hear a long-forgotten story, reveal the mysteries of your own mind and unlock the secrets of Silven’s glorious Scottish homeland through incredible illusions and feats of imagination. 

The Journey awaits.

A HKAF co-commissioned programme
Performed in English
Approx 50 mins with no interval
Recommended for ages 14 and above
Ticket booking is available until one hour before performance.
Cast and Production

Scott Silven

Directed by 
Allie Winton Butler

Designed by
Jeff Sugg

Written by 
Rob Drummond

Sound Design 
Gareth Fry

Music Composed by
Jherek Bischoff

The Journey is a HKAF co-commissioned programme

The lobby will open 30 minutes in advance of each performance—participants should check in as early as possible to prepare for optimal set up.

The Journey will be streamed through a custom web interface, with the audience appearing on camera for part of the show. The high-definition audio and visuals are best enjoyed on an individual basis. Your household may watch together; however, we recommend a single viewer per screen. Audiences’ cameras must be on for the entire performance.
Audience members whose bookings have been successful will receive three messages and videos in advance of the performance. These contain prompts and information about events to take place during the show. Be on the lookout for those prompts at the email address you provide.

To best experience the show, a desktop or laptop computer and headphones with built-in microphones are strongly recommended. Mobile devices are not recommended.

Read the House Programme
All participants are welcome to attend The Journey’s online Meet-the-Artist session. Details and event link will be provided together with the booking confirmation email.
Some advice for those planning to purchase tickets, from the show’s production company.

Before Ticket Purchase

Can multiple members of my household watch on the same screen?

Because the immersive high-definition visuals and stereo soundscape are essential to experience The Journey, the artist recommends there be just a single viewer with headphones on each screen. Your household may watch together; however, only one person may interact with Scott Silven during the performance and that participant may not change at any point.

On Ticket Purchase

You can buy your ticket on the Ticketflap via the HKAF website

What information is needed when I buy a ticket?
You will be required to create a Ticketflap account before purchase a ticket at on Ticketflap. Please create an account at

When purchasing tickets, you are required to provide the audience member’s name and email address for each ticket. Please note that the information above will be used for sending you related programme information and to verify your admission. ONE unique email address for each ticket purchased.

What will I receive after buying a ticket?
You will receive an email notification of ticket purchase.

Audience members whose bookings have been successful will receive three emails in advance of the performance. These contain a confirmation of ticket purchase, information about events to take place during the show and the link to access the performance. If, by the day before the show, you have not yet received any emails from us, please contact us at

What is this advanced content I keep hearing about?
Upon purchasing your ticket, you will receive an email from us with a link to discover special advance content from Scott Silven. We encourage you to engage with this content prior to the show to be prepared for The Journey. It should only take about 20 minutes! If you are unable to watch the pre-event footage in the email with the advanced content, don’t worry. You will still be able to enjoy the event.

Before Joining the Online Performance

Do I need to set up anything in my home?
Mentalism requires that Scott be able to see and hear you clearly. No mood lighting —please turn on your lights! Be sure to do the exclusive pre-show activities in the advanced content and have your object of meaning, two sheets of paper (about A4 size) and a thick marker nearby for the performance.

What set-up do I need to participate in The Journey?

We recommend the following for the best experience:

  1. A desktop or laptop computer
  2. A stable internet connection
  3. A working webcam (built-in or external)
  4. A pair of headphones with a built-in microphone

This performance is best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer with a minimum 10-inch screen; mobile devices and tablets are not recommended.

What kind of device can I watch on?

    1. Desktop Computer:
      1. A desktop computer running Windows 10 or Mac OS, El Capitan or later
      2. with camera and microphone; or
    2. Apple iPad:
      1. An iPad running 12+ or later, with a minimum 10-inch screen
      2. Other tablets are not supported

Please view our troubleshooting tips if you encounter issues with any of the supported devices.

What Internet browser should I use?

  1. Desktop Computer:
    1. Safari version 13 or later; Chrome version 72 or later; Microsoft Edge version 79 or later; Firefox version 65 or later
    2. Internet Explorer is not supported
  2. iPad:
    1. If you are using an iPad, Safari is the only browser that is supported
  3. Browsers on mobile phones, Android tablets and Linux OS are not supported.

Please view our troubleshooting tips if you encounter issues with any of the supported browsers.

Where and when can I access the virtual theatre?

No download is required. You will receive a link via email to access the virtual theatre, and our house manager will be waiting in the virtual lobby to check you in.

Who will the emails come from?
Email ticket confirmation will come from Ticketflap, and the email with the link to access your show time will come from

When attending the performance

What happens if I arrive late to the show?
The virtual lobby will open 30 minutes before the performance. Please check in as early as possible to ensure you are set up correctly. Latecomers will be admitted only in the first seven minutes of the show; after that time, there will be no further admissions and tickets will not be refunded.

Who should I contact if I experience any issues prior or during the show?
Our front-of-house staff will be waiting for you in the virtual lobby from 30 minutes before each performance. If you are unable to enter by clicking the access link sent to you by email, please send an email to If your screen happens to freeze during the show, you can refresh your browser and re-enter the room.

Do I have to use headphones?
We recommend using stereo headphones to avoid possible feedback problems from speakers.

May I screencast to a TV?
Screencasting the performance to a TV is not recommended because of possible feedback problems from speakers.

Will I be seen on screen?
Yes. All participants will leave their cameras on for the entire performance.

To take part, audience members must consent to allow the staff of this performance to access their microphone and camera for its duration.

Photography, screenshots, recording or reproduction of any kind during the performance are strictly prohibited.

The HKAF is not responsible for connectivity problems, power outages or other technical issues originating on the participant’s end. Tickets will not be refunded. If you do experience difficulties, please email us at and we will help as best we can.