Apart from presenting high quality performances, the Hong Kong Arts Festival also organises a rich and diverse variety of outreach programmes. Each outreach sponsorship scheme is designed based on programme nature, community needs and the sponsor’s CSR direction.

The following are examples of our outreach sponsorships:

For details, please contact the Development Department by phone at (852) 2828 4910/12, by fax at (852) 2824 3798 or by email at dev@hkaf.org.

Young Friends

In 1992, the Hong Kong Arts Festival launched “Young Friends”, an integrated arts education and audience development programme designed to cultivate student interest in, and appreciation for, the performing arts. Over the past 26 years, “Young Friends” has reached over 730,000 students, and accumulated membership has exceeded 154,000 students. “Young Friends” currently receives support from Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund, its Founding Sponsor, and Tencent Foundation, a Corporate Sponsor.

“Young Friends” members have participated in the following activities:

  • On campus tours and performances
  • Festival programmes, rehearsals and tailor-made “Young Friends Specials” performances
  • Workshops, talks, backstage visits and other "Festival PLUS" events
  • "Young Friends Volunteer" and "Young Friends Reporters" activities

To find out more about "Young Friends", CLICK HERE.

Artists-in-Residence Project

The Artists-in-Residence Project (AIR), launched in 2011, is an arts education programme sponsored by BNP Paribas. Each year the Festival invites visiting international artists of a selected Festival programme to lead this project at three local secondary schools.

Students learn to express themselves creatively under the following project structure:

  • Introductory talks to thousands of students at the three selected local schools
  • Auditions for selecting student participants of the Project
  • Workshops guided by international artists and facilitated by local artists
  • Showcase at participating school or community performance venue
  • A separate open showcase for the public
  • Attend the international artist’s performance, tour backstage or have a dialogue with the artists

Thoughts from participants and resident artists

  •  “I am really delighted that the kids have grown so much in such a short period of time. What they have been able to do over the last few days was really amazing. Their confidence has been boosted. So I think they are proud of themselves and I am proud of them.”

    -Nicholas Van Young
    International Artist of the 2017 Artists-in-Residence Project
  •  “The Artists-in-Residence Project definitely deepens the students’ understanding about tap dance. Most of them have no experience in tap dance. Some might have seen performances before. Learning it in person, however, would be an entirely different experience.”

    -Eve Leung
    Local Artist of the 2017 Artists-in-Residence Project
  • “I can feel the passion and joy of the dancers, as well as the freedom evoked from their rhythmic beats. I wish I could be like them, joyously dancing and playing body percussion.”

    -Student from Fanling Rhenish Church Secondary School
    Participant of the 2017 Artists-in-Residence Project
  • "I am very grateful to witness that the participating students gradually mastered their bodies to catch the rhythm of the dances and continuously have breakthroughs in their body movements. I firmly believe that this project is a huge challenge to them physically and mentally and will be an indelible experience for them."

    -Mao Wei
    Local Artist of the 2016 Artists-in-Residence Project
  • "This AIR programme was challenging. Through this I learnt the importance of creating from the audience’s perspective, and the importance of teamwork in completing a wonderful performance. I learnt many different techniques in the workshops and gained new understanding of the arts."

    -Student from Fanling Rhenish Church Secondary School
    Participant of the 2015 Artists-in-Residence Project
  • "As these workshops enabled us to spend more time with the students than we normally had, there was enough time to refine and rehearse the shows so as to get a great performance."

    -Nicholas Rawling, Artistic Director & Pupperteer of the Paper Cinema
    Resident Artist of the 2015 Artists-in-Residence Project
  • "This is my third year participating in the Artists-in-Residence Project. I am very glad that I got chosen three times and I have learnt a lot. Ballet was never my favourite dance form. However, this year’s Artists-in-Residence Project programme changed my belief as I learnt the techniques of ballet. AIR 'Like'!"

    - Student from Elegantia College
    Participant of the 2012-14 HKAF Artists-in-Residence Projects
  • "I had never studied dance before, but after participating in this project, I love it now!"

    -Student from Fanling Rhenish Church Secondary School
    Participant of the 2014 HKAF Artists-in-Residence Project
  • "Working with the young participants in the Artists-in-Residence outreach project of the Hong Kong Arts Festival has been one of the most rewarding projects I have been involved in."

    - Ms Catherine Cassidy, Associate Director (Education) of Scottish Ballet
    Artist-in-Residence of the 2014 Artists-in-Residence Project

To find out more about the Artists-in-Residence Project, CLICK HERE.

Student Matinee Programme

To enable more students to enjoy world-class performances, the Hong Kong Arts Festival has been organising The Hong Kong Jockey Club Student Matinee Programme every year since 2007. Before the shows, the Festival organises preparatory talks in schools and community centres, enabling students to have a better understanding of the performances, different art forms, and even theatre etiquette.

With support from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, more than 23,000 students have enjoyed the following specially arranged world-class Festival performances:

2007 The Leipzig Ballet (with Gewandhaus Orchestra and soloists and choir from Leipzig Opera) – The Great Mass
2008 New York Philharmonic
2009 English National Ballet – Alice in Wonderland
2010 The Mariinsky Ballet – Don Quixote
2011 Birmingham Royal Ballet – Hobson’s Choice
2012 Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo – Le Songe
2013 American Ballet Theatre – Dance Gala
2014 Igor Moiseyev State Academic Ensemble of Popular Dance
2015 Dutch National Ballet – Cinderella 
2016 Mikhailovsky Ballet – The Sleeping Beauty
2017 Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal – Kosmos and O Balcão de Amor

The Festival prepares specially designed house programmes which provide information on the artists, the art form and theatre etiquette. Click on the covers below to check out previous years' house programmes:

For details about sponsoring our Outreach projects, please contact the Development Department by phone at (852) 2828 4910/12, by fax at (852) 2824 3798 or by email at dev@hkaf.org.

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