Together with the entire team, I am delighted to introduce the 46th HKAF, which runs from 23 February to 24 March 2018. As always, we have an absolute wealth of programming; whether you like dance, music, theatre, opera or circus, we hope you will find something that appeals to you.

At this Festival, we take the notion of "what’s real to me" and celebrate the realities created and communicated through the artistry, creativity and thoughtfulness of our participating artists. Many works are informed by a highly personal view of reality, whether as a response to some aspect of human experience, as a matter of artistic motivation, or as narrative device. Taken as a whole, I hope this Festival will provoke us to think about – and perhaps to question – our own understanding of what’s real.

Of course, in any great performance, it is not only the artists who create and transmit what is experienced. The audience is an active co-creator, participating emotionally and intellectually in the event, making the communication real, meaningful and mutually reinforced. Thus, in the wonderfully magical way in which great performances work, this deeply personal and unique experience is also shared with everyone present.

So please do join us at the 46th HKAF to participate in this annual celebration of the performing arts, where great audiences and great artists come together.

We look forward to sharing many great performances with you!

Tisa Ho
Executive Director
Hong Kong Arts Festival

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