2007 Hong Kong Arts Festival - ExxonMobil Vision Series

January 09th, 2007

The Hong Kong Arts Festival and ExxonMobil Energy are celebrating the 33rd anniversary of an outstanding, long term partnership. For more than three decades, the ExxonMobil Energy sponsorship has helped nurture young home-grown Hong Kong talents. The ExxonMobil Vision series this year is no exception. Artists who are performing in the forthcoming ExxonMobil Vision programmes in the 2007 Hong Kong Arts Festival met the press today to introduce and present excerpts of their works. They are:

Chan Fai Young – 12 Faces of Woman
2-3 March Concert Hall, HK City Hall

A unique multi-media concert conceived by renowned local composer Keith Chan Fai-young, the 12 Faces of Woman features 12 new songs especially written for this live concert. Together with the ensemble of musicians and singers on stage, 12 unique videos have been created for the music by 12 film and video artists. This innovative concert will bring to life the many faces of woman that you will never forget.

All Theatre Company: YuYu MiMi – A Love Story
9-10, 16-17 Mar Fringe Studio, Fringe Club

This story begins at a love gate. Everyone wants to go in, but sometimes you don't know if you are coming or going. YuYu MiMi is a story of tender love once shared then lost. A classic story told with contemporary choreography, original soundtrack, poetry, hand-carved wooden puppets, Chinese paper cut shadow puppets and video collage. Multi-dimensional worlds are revealed through subtle symbolism.

Zhu Lin and Colleen Lee Cello & Piano Duo
17 March Concert Hall, HK City Hall

Zhu Lin and Colleen Lee are no strangers to Hong Kong audiences. They are young, exceptional artists who have spent their formative music training years in Hong Kong with an impressive history of competition successes. Both of them are now pursuing further studies abroad and have made a name for themselves on the international music scene. Yo-Yo Ma once compared Zhu Lin to the young Jacqueline du Pre. Colleen Lee's recent recital at New York's Carnegie Hall has once again brought her international recognition. Most important of all, both share the same passion for and commitment to music. They will present an interesting and challenging programme including works by Beethoven, Chopin, Frank, Carter and a new work by Hong Kong born composer Melissa Hui, commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts Festival.

ExxonMobil Vision embodies cutting edge creativity and new talent. Under its wing a great number of local artists have blossomed and found their own original voice in Hong Kong's creative industry.

The original concept of Exxon Divertimenti, which ran from the late-1980s to the mid-1990s, gradually modified to provide outstanding local artists with the prospects of exploring new artistic horizons. The unique and innovative work created by locally grown talent is made possible through the strong support and encouragement of ExxonMobil.

The 2007 Hong Kong Arts Festival presents a total of 150 performances plus 2 exhibitions from 24 February to 25 March 2007. *

To download photos and images of all 2007 Hong Kong Arts Festival programmes, please contact us.

For further enquiries, please contact Ms Katy Cheng, Marketing Manager, at tel: 2824 3555.

* Two programmes, Kun Opera - The Peach Blossom Fan (1699) and Camut Band - Life is Rhythm, will open on 24 February, three days before the official opening.

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