The 38th Hong Kong Arts Festival 2010 New Works, Asian and World Premiere Programmes

October 14th, 2009


Music:1. Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra – Music About China IV (Qin, Se, Po by Jin Xiang)
 2. Hong Kong Sinfonietta – Great Violin Concertos: Ning Feng Plays Brahms (commissioned work by George Lam)
 3. Meta4 Quartet (new composition by Verneri Pohjola)
 4. King's Harmonica Quintet (third movement of Silk Road, Silk Road by Angel Lam) #
 5. King's Harmonica Quintet (new work for harmonica quintet and guqin by Hui Cheung-wai) #
 6. Naamyam - Songs of Love and Lament (new composition by Wen Chi-pang) # 
 7. ExxonMobil Vision: Samson Young– The Third Pixel #  
Music             Theatre:8. The Liaisons*
Theatre:9. Five Acts of Life – Lao She's Short Stories
 10. The Truth About Lying^
 11. Danny Yung Experimental Theatre - Flee by Night  
Dance: 12. Asia Pacific Dance Platform (Tri_K + by Dick Wong, Takao Kawaguchi and Koichi Imaizumi) 
 13. Asia Pacific Dance Platform (PaA Project by Qu Jianan) 

# Commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts Festival with support of the CASH Music Fund
* Commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts Festival and co-produced with the Fredric Mao Theatre Projects 
^ Commissioned and produced by the Hong Kong Arts Festival
  Co-commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts Festival and Zuni Icosahedron
+ Co-produced by the Hong Kong Arts Festival and Takao Kawaguchi Project with support from The Saison Foundation


Opera:1. The Mariinsky Opera – Britten's The Turn of the Screw
Music:2. Sing the Truth: Nina Simone Remembered
 3. The Guy Barker Jazz Orchestra – The Amadeus Project
Music Theatre:4. The Pianist 
Theatre:5. The Tempest 
 6. On the Waterfront
Dance:7. Dutch National Ballet – Concertante
 8. Dutch National Ballet –Live
 9. Dutch National Ballet –Sarcasmen
 10.Dutch National Ballet –Solo
 11.Dutch National Ballet –Trois Gnossiennes
Family Choice:12. Red Leap Theatre–The Arrival

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